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Submit A Video

This section you will create and submit videos that we will add to our very popular youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/MLMRCCOM . You can add up to 5 videos. Each video must be created include the "closing comment" which will help direct prospects over to your opportunity sign up page. Please "do not" submit pre-recorded company promo videos. Those won't get listed.

This free advertising opportunity is for new videos only that you create to share info about your MLM opportunity (following our instructions below). You can also include a link to your MLM opportunity. Send that as well and we'll add it into the video description. We also might add your video to our Vimeo channel free.

NOTE: The instructions below are for "new videos" that you shoot and send to us. If you want to do that to get more visitors to your opportunity then complete the steps below. You can submit up to 5 videos. If you do not want to do that, but you have a video already running on youtube that you want to use instead; then simply send us that existing video's Youtube URL.

Copy that URL address and email it to us at:


           subject-line: ADD MY VIDEO

This section below is only for New Videos that you create:

ADD A VIDEO: If you want to include a video that we will share with business opportunity prospects, and add to our popular YouTube channel, then please follow these steps very carefully. Uploading a video is easy. Just shoot it, upload it to: https://uploadfiles.io  and then send us the download URL that they give you to our email here (also include your opportunity signup URL that we will add into the video description. (so say you're promoting herbalife. Maybe your your personal website is ie: https://janedoe.herbalife.com , or something like that. Send us that URL so we can add it as well:


Adding a video is a good free way of attracting prospects to join your mlm downline. Here are a few video samples: Sample 1 , Sample 2

Creating Your Video:

  • Record Video: Start by recording an original video of yourself anywhere between 1 and 3 minutes on average. Don't go any longer. You can do that simply by using your: smartphone, camera, or computer webcam.

  • Talk about: Your opportunity, your company, your products, the compensation plan, benefits, and yourself. Explain why your business is good and why a prospect should join your business opportunity.

    A) INTRODUCTION: "Hi everyone, my name is Jennifer Smith coming to you from Denver Colorado. I wanted to talk to you today about...."

    B) BREAK THE ICE: Talk about how you were looking for a way to make extra income from home...tell your personal story. Don't be too wordy. Keep it short. Say 30sec to 1 min.

    C) INTRODUCE THE BUSINESS: Talk about how you discovered the business you're doing. Talk about things what kind of products they have, how the products have helped you, how long the business has been around, and any other key information. Again don't be too wordy. Just talk for 1 minutes about the company.

    D) OPPORTUNITY: Talk about the business opportunity. The potential, how often you get paid, how the compensation plan works, what the top people in the company are earning, the different ways you get paid, etc etc. Just talk for 1 minutes about the opportunity.

    E) UPLINE: Talk about how you'll be their upline, and how you're looking to mentor a few key people to gain success in the business. Talk about how you'll be there to support, train, and help them to acheiving success and earning passive residual income in the business.

    F) CLOSING COMMENT: Use this script in blue shown below at the end of your video to direct viewers to the links in the description:

    "You can find my opportunity listed at MLMRC dot com. Please click the link in the description below for more details. Also, be sure to post any comments you have below, and please like, share and subscribe. Thank you."

  • Then at the end of the video be sure to say the closing comment line in your video: (closing comments doesn't have to be exactly word for word, but it needs to convey those points in blue). We'll also be adding your MLM opportunity link that you send us into the video description. ie: https://janedoe.herbalife.com (or whatever company you're with). If the video you create fails to include the information in blue where you mention our website address "M.L.M.R.C." then it might not be accepted. So be sure to add that. That way you get free advertising and we also get back a small blurb about our site (a nice win-win situation right).

    You can submit up to 5 videos, so you can do each one on a different aspect of the business. Here are some suggestions:

    Video #1: compensation plan of [your business opportunity]
    Video #2: talk about the main product/service
    Video #3: talk about the training and support that new members will get
    Video #4: Your personal success story with the company
    Video #5: Important new: products, events, updates, discounts, other benefits

    Tip: when doing the video it's okay if you need to pause, or if you make a mistake, or say something wrong. People actually appreciate the human dynamic so your video certainly does not have to be perfect. They just have be done and sent in.

  • Also be sure to speak MLM keywords in your video. Say things like: your company name, (ie: NuSkin, Younique, Ibuumerang, Amway etc), network marketing, home business opportunity, MLM, and multi level marketing. By sayig these keywords frequently, Youtube then is able to detect what you're talking about network marketing and that's how it categorizes your video. So for example say "[your company name]" many times in each video.

    Sample Video:

  • Also keep each video between 1-3 minutes each if possible. The main goal of each video is simply to share a few main points about the opportunity, and then direct the viewer to click on the "link in the description below". Which appears under each youtube video.

  • UPLOAD TO US, NOT TO YOUTUBE DIRECT [important]: This is an original video that you're making for us. So for this video you'll be sending it to us directly by way of "uploadloadfiles.io". (NOT uploading it to your own youtube account. If you want to upload it to your own youtube account you can do that later. First send it to us so we can add it to our channel. Also you can submit up to 5 videos. Just start with 1 or 2, then later if you want to add more you can. So when your done recording it, then upload the video file to this site: https://uploadfiles.io  

  • UPLOAD HERE: So when your done recording it, then upload the video file to this site: https://uploadfiles.io  
    (this is just a temp file storage site, your video doesn't play there, and it only stays there for 30 days before it's deleted).

    As soon as you upload it, that website (www.uploadfiles.io) then provides you with a URL that looks something like this: ie: https://ufile.io/8mx22   

      • Copy that URL address they provide you with and email it to us at:


        Subject-line: ADD MY VIDEO

        Email Body:

        Hello, I'd like you to add my video. I've uploaded it here: ie: https://ufile.io/8mx22 (whatever url they gave you)

        the link to include in the video description linking to my MLM opportunity is:
        ie: https://janedoe.herbalife.com (or whatever company you're with).

  • Your email will let us know that you've created a video and uploaded it to the temporary file storage site. From there we'll go get it and then upload it to our Popular Youtube Channel located at: https://www.youtube.com/c/MLMRCCOM

    (alternatively if your use to using some kind of your own "file upload site" such as: Google drive, or Dropbox that's fine too. Upload it there, and just send us the URL and instructions on where to go download your video from. Thank you)

  • REMOVE: If you ever want to have your video removed, simply email us letting us know and sending us the youtube video URL and we will remove it from our channel. Thank you.

  • SHARE: Please send the web address of this page to your downline now. That way they too can submit a video to us to upload. That way you maximize this free advertising opportunity to grow your business.


Share Us: Please help us spread the word about this opportunity. Share it now:



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