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"How to Recruit Heavy Hitters, Go Getters, and MLM Guru's into Your Network Marketing Business Like Clockwork!
Follow this Simple Formula Below to finding highly experienced MLMer's — and watch your downline grow huge overnight!"

By: MLMRC   
Dear Friend,

Here's the secret to having huge network marketing success: It's simply finding and recruiting MLM Guru's. Find only experienced network marketers who already have a lot of experience in the industry. Target in on locating the heavy hitters in the industry that need very limited training and support.

Your number 1 absolute most important task is to find and recruit professional network marketers who have already had success in the industry. (and spend a lot less time chasing down friends and family that know nothing about the industry)

If you get nothing else out of this entire article, re-read the above statement a few more times. Write that down on your to-do list right now okay.

YOUR TO DO LIST: "I'll find and try and recruit only experienced network marketers into my downline." ....

Now, lets get into how to do this below...

Why is this important? You're probably wondering. It's very simple actually. If you were going to start a bowling team would you want people that have never bowled a day in their lives? Or would you want people with a high average. If you were going to hire a carpenter to build your house, would you want someone who's never used a hammer in their life? Or would you want someone who's already built several houses from scratch, has years in the industry and can build it faster and better that even yourself? If you broke your arm and you needed medical attention, would you want an experienced doctor to fix it, or would you want Auntie Florence who has no experience to see what she could do?

SEE, THE POINT IS CLEAR...It's painfully obvious isn't it?.... Experience counts HUGE !!! But it's not just experience that these heavy hitters bring to the table, it's connections. They often have existing downline people that they're in contact with that they can instantly recruit into their next mlm deal. So they often will be able to bring with them a huge downline of network marketers. This is so important.

See your Aunt or Cousin or friend or co-worker who you might recruit, they know nothing about the network marketing industry. They don't know an upline from a downline. They have no idea how it all works. They're total beginners. They bring limited connections to the table. They're probably not super motivated either. So they don't actually have the proper background experience you're looking for, typically speaking. You can still get them into your deal, just don't expect them to break any records anytime soon. So again, you need to find and recruit "MLM Guru's!", and we'll get into how to do that just below.

Remember how they say in many network marketing companies something like: "to build your downline you just find 3 people, and then they find 3 and so on and so on...". Well trust me on this, that's totally wrong!!! Don't do that. That's such an amature move! That's what beginners tend to do, and that's why beginners tend to fail!

Well they forgot to tell you in your company training is one key thing. That is,...those 3 people you find need to be experienced MLM Guru's. Not just anyone! (ideally speaking).

"So Why is Finding
Heavy Hitters, and MLM Guru's
the Missing Puzzle Piece in your
MLM Business???"

Okay so why is that so important???

They must have experience. That way you won't have to keep replacing those 3 people over and over again in a vicious cycle of endless frustration. You can find them one time and then let those 3 carpenters build their houses! They won't need your help. They already have experience on how to do it! They've done it for years. So you can actually relax and let them now do the work of building!

See finding one guru to join your downline often means that guru will go out and recruit all their downline members that know and trust them. Plus they often have huge social media followings they can reach out to. This is a massive advantage! So recruiting that one guru might mean you gain 10, 100, or even 1000 new downline members overnight.

Just finding even 1 experienced network marketer is the equivalent often times of finding up to 100 friends family level downline members. Also these Heavy Hitters know how other mlm heavy hitters, and also know how to find and recruit other heavy hitters. So the cycle actually repeats itself. They're not going to go bug they're friends and family like you've been taught to do. They're going to go out and find other experienced players.

So it actually creates a far stronger viral effect. Your downline stands a much better chances of reaching critical mass and growing exponentially. But that's only if you find and recruit MLM Guru's, and not just any Tom Dick and Harry off the street!

Again, be sure you write this down in your journal or where ever you keep notes. If you get nothing else out of this article, at least you'll know what direction to move toward. You'll know north from south. "See the direction to success is that way!"


"How Do You Find These
Heavy Hitters, and MLM Guru's???"

So how do you find highly experienced network marketer? Well there's a variety of ways which we're going to get into right now. So there's a few different levels of these MLM Guru's which we've categorized below. Out of all the network marketers they basically break down into the categories you see below titled: A,B,C & D. So you want to target the "B and C Listers". That 9% range (B+C) that are still "very experienced" but also accessible that will give you the time of day.

There's your cream of the crop, elite 1% MLM superstars out there. Some of their books you've probably already read. But unfortunately that caliber of person is often far removed from being easily accessible. They get offers everyday. They're not interested as they're already part of some mlm company that they're promoting. So you really shouldn't bother trying to chase them down. It will only leave you frustrated and waste your time and energy.

However, under that top 1%, there's a solid level of about about 2-5% that are almost the ideal level. Then there's another 5% that are solid network marketers that also you should target in on recruiting. Then that leaves the remaining 90% that aren't really worth your time.

So again, leave out the top 1% as that's likely going to be a waste of your time. Target instead... on the next 9%. Then the last 90% also leave out:

So again, leave out the very top brand name mlm superstars, as you'll be hard pressed to even get them to reply to you. As they just get too many offers. As well as the bottom 90% for lack of experience. Then target in on the next 9% range of the B & C List network marketers that have a lot of experience but that are more accessible.

IMPORTANT: But the real trick to getting this to work in your favor is finding network marketers who are not already heavily engaged in some company, that's the tricky part, and I'll show you just below how to find those people. That way when you approach them they'll be far more likely to look at your mlm opportunity ok. So lets get into it...


"And then once you've found them
how to do you then recruit them?"

So once you've found these gurus' (which I'll cover how to do that below) how do you go about recruiting them into your downline? This is where it gets interesting, but the great news is you only need probably 3 of them. Once you recruit three of them, they will go out and start to build for you. They already know what to do. Imagine that, they don't need training - what a relief.

So once you find just 3 of them to join you they'll start to build quite quickly. You could see your downline grow in the hundreds or even thousands in no time at all. These are experienced climbers, they've already climbed a few mountains. They'll get to the top without you needing to push them!

When you contact these experienced network marketers and you want to recruit them you don't want to mess this up. You basically have just one chance to say the right thing to get them interested in what you have to say. If you say the wrong thing, you've lost them forever! So knowing exactly what to say to these big fish is critical to getting them into your net.

You'll want to know exactly what to say that will convince them to join your team and not someone else's. You'll want to be able to provide the right incentives as well. Plus you'll want to present the right image when you talk to them. And you'll need to know how to overcome any questions or objections that you might face. So I cover all this as well just below so you'll know exactly what to do. Using my formula makes this so easy; without it, you likely won't know what to say.

So what I've done is put together all the exact sentences you need to say the moment you talk to them (you'll find that below). All you need to do is read my pre-scripted lines to them, exactly as you'll read them. The scripts are 100% proven to work. They're designed to make the listener curious enough to keep listening to you. And then slowly you'll real them in until you have them hooked! Once you have them on board, you'll then only need a few more, and you'll be done!

But again, the key is saying "the right thing". If you say the wrong thing you'll likely lose them. This is critically important. You must know exactly what to say if you want to be able to convince these "heavy hitters" to join your team! So I want you to read over the scripts that I will provide below.

Then lastly you must know what to say and do to ensure that you close them, and get them to actually take action and join under you. Knowing exactly how to do this is the linch pin to your success at recruiting heavy hitters.

So now lets get into all this...

"So Here's Exactly What You Need
to do to Find MLM Guru's"

Okay, so we've covered quite a bit so far. If you're taking notes, which you should be, you now know:

1) Find only MLM Guru's

2) Target the sweet spot of that 9% range

3) You must find experienced networkers that aren't already doing some other deal

4) Knowing what to say when you contact these guru's is critically important

5) Knowing also how to close them and get them to sign up under you is vital to your success

So as you can imagine, finding just 3 experienced heavy hitters who know exactly what they're doing will make all the difference in your road to success in your mlm business.

Finding them, will mean the difference between whether you end up making you boat loads of cash with very little work on your part,


baby-sitting a bunch of beginners in your downline, with your phone going off endlessly at 3am from that new recruit who's constantly needing your help, that takes up a lot of your time, but doesn't actually earn you any income at all!

So again you want to find the right people who actually can build this house for you. Not find amateurs who will waste your precious time and energy only to quit a few months later once they get bored of it all.

This is going to be the key driving factor of whether you succeed or fail in your mlm business.

Now imagine this. Lets say you find those 3 key people that you need to grow your downline. And lets assume you work with them closely to find other "heavy hitters" as well. So the cycle will actually repeat itself. Assuming every level you see below takes 1 month to build.

Here's how fast your downline could potentially grow:

So in just 15 months the downline has hit critical mass and is growing extremely fast. As you can see with a downline this large it would be very easy to earn a substantial income ($100,000 USD+) from home with your network marketing business (if you focus on finding MLM Guru's).

If you get really good at finding the right MLM guru's, knowing exactly how to approach them, know exactly what to say to them to get them interested, and know how to close them and get them to join you, then you're odds of success are almost 100%.

Again this is the critical determining factor of whether or not you're downline will grow big enough to start to hit critical mass, and start growing exponentially on it's own. So you must get really good at finding MLM Guru's to join your team.

Let me help you in showing you exactly how to do this from start to finish. Now as you can imagine there's a lot of things to cover. Too much to cover in just this short article. So what we've done is put together an easy to read online training course that covers all the exact details on how to find and attract heavy hitters and MLM Guru's.

I have designed this program to help you learn all the exact steps to finding and recruiting top level MLM guru's into your downline. In my ultra advanced training course that you're about to access below you'll learn things like:

  • How to find and recruit the exact MLM guru's you're looking for online

  • How to target in on the that 9% sweet spot you need that will most likely listen to you

  • Once you've found them how to go about recruiting them into your downline

  • Learn the exact pre-written scripts designed to hook them into listening to you and getting interested

  • Discover the powerful technique you need to have them reveal their personal email that you can reach them at

  • How to incentivize your offer so that they'll more likely join your downline and not your competitors

  • How to find the right guru's that aren't already heavily into a business and that are actually looking for a new opportunity

  • How to find unlimited leads of these powerful mlm guru's giving you the hottest lead list ever

  • Learn how you can find guru's that already want you to call them, and not have to worry about any rejection

  • Apply this exact duplicatable system to ensure your downline will also start targeting mlm guru's

  • How to fully automate this entire process from start to finish, so you'll never ever have to lift a finger to have it continue running!

  • How to set it up completely hands free so you never have to make any cold calls if you don't want to

  • Start to rapidly see your downline grow at record pace, month after month, once you set this ball in motion

And Much Much More!

The tips, strategies and secrets mentioned in the above lists are just a small taste of all the techniques you're about to get below.

Now this powerful recruiting strategy is by far one of the safest, fastest, easiest and most guaranteed methods you'll find anywhere for building your downline. This closely guarded secret has been used by successful network marketers from all around the world in building massive downlines.

By learning and applying this strategy you too could very quickly reach the top ranks of your company. You too could start to see a massive increase in your monthly commission checks. Before long you'll be well on your way to potentially earning well over $100,000 per year once you apply this powerful strategy.

And it can all be yours in our powerful training course that we've entitled: "MLM Lead Magnet™ - Secrets to Recruiting Unlimited Guru's". This powerful course is was previously available as a service which went for: $2995.00 USD. But fortunately, you won't pay that much. See, we wanted the masses to be able to start using this powerful recruiting formula to build massive downlines on their own. So we created a "do-it-yourself" home study course that you can download below at a fraction of this price.

I will guarantee you will start turning a profit and grow your downline just one week after you download my powerful course: MLM Lead Magnet™; No ifs, ands, or buts. Be prepared to work hard setting up and testing your new recruiting funnel. Once you read my course, learn how it works and get familiar with it, you could start recruiting 1 to 3 new MLM guru's every day using this powerful turnkey system. Just spend an hour or so each day to maintain it, and earn huge profits as your organization grows!

Network marketers who've used my powerful training course: MLM Lead Magnet™ all agree this is by far the fastest and easiest MLM recruiting technique they've ever used:

"Absolutely fantastic training! What a life changing recruiting strategy! I’ve had training on growing a network marketing downline, but none have been better than this! This is the one strategy that every network market must get their hands on if they plan to succeed in the industry!"

-Rachel Sturm
Portland, OR

"This was so worth it! After reading your course my mind just fully opened up; I realize now how easy it can be to build my downlines in MLM! This has changed my whole outlook. I'm so glad for you sharing this extremely valuable info. Thank you!!!"

-Dominik Miner
San Bernardino, CA

"Thank you guys so much for this outstanding product. I have been looking for the past 4 months to find a step by step specific way to recruit and you have given it to me. To date I've increased downline sign ups into my JuicePlus business by 500% in less than a month. Plus these are experienced reps that are bringing with them a wide range of experience and strengths. This is the most powerful training I've ever discovered on how to find, build and recruit new downline members. Remarkable."

-Mike Moorhead
Pittsburgh, PA

"I'm very pleased with this investment I have ever made in your course. After going through and applying this training, my monthly commissions have so far gone up by $2670 in in the last 90 days. If you only learn one strategy this year, get this course and learn this one!"

-Lorie Searles
London, UK

"I've read a lot of ebooks and training but nothing really stood out until I found your Lead magnet training. I'm glad I got it. I'm very pleased to report that I've already tripled my monthly income to... over $1400 now in monthly residual income. This has completely renewed my hope and drive as I actually see my business working and my paychecks really increasing. No one should go forward without first reading your home study course!"

-Chris Wartian
Honolulu, HI

"WOW was the first word that came mind. This training has each step outlined in detail for you to take action. Just follow the training provided and watch it work. Once I applying the concept, I had a steady stream of highly qualified new prospects reaching out to me asking for more information. After just 1 week of implementing your strategies, I already had 12 new reps signed up. I'm very excited to see what will happen over the next few months!"

-Mark Owens
Atlanta, GA

"MLM Lead magnet has help me to understand the one major problem as to exactly why my business wasn’t growing at all, and then taught me the right way to build my organization. I started to see immediate results after implementing the strategies and 23 new followers have so far joined my team, as a direct result of using what I learned in this training. At this rate I'll most definitely achieve my highest ambitions in no time."

-Maureen Hill
Twin Falls, ID

"After going through mlm-leads magnet I have never felt so confident of a direct roadmap to success for my Avon business. The insights and unique training this course provides is a miracle. I'm now able to locate hot leads and easily recruit them, which is building a huge downline for me very quickly. I can't believe how fast my downline is now growing! I will be using this course the roadmap to accomplish my goals through my network marketing company. I could not be any more excited or grateful to get my hands on this! Again, to anyone out there...get this course, and it will dramatically improve your downline building and recruiting!"

-Carolyn Carrington
Brisbane, Australia


































We've discovered and tested dozens of
insider techniques and tricks to finding and
recruiting MLM Guru's... in record time!

Here's the bottom line.. you don't have to waste your money or your time. We've done all the exhaustive testing already for you! We've discovered and tested dozens of insider techniques and tricks to finding and recruiting MLM Guru's... in record time!

Stop risking all your time, effort and money! Let us show you our exactly system for finding and recruiting top level MLM Guru's now, and it can all be yours once you download our easy to follow course: "MLM Lead Magnet™"

You can catapult your recruiting to a whole new level with this powerful insider strategy that targets only MLM guru's. Plus you can start using it immediately to grow your mlm business once you download it below.

Why not invest in your ability to take full control of your recruiting efforts, increase your lifestyle, and make a lot more money, simply because you chose to get yourself: MLM Lead Magnet™ and discover the secrets of finding and recruiting top shelf mlm guru's onto your team?

This course is fully compatible with any network marketing business. You'll download the course immediately just below. It's jam packed with over 100+ pages, and reveals the exact step by step formula for finding and recruiting the worlds top MLM guru's. All laid out in easy to follow step by step fashion, so you can get right down to business the minute you download the course.

You can get on the fast track to building your downline and increasing your mlm profits, by ordering your copy of "MLM Lead Magnet™ - Secrets to Recruiting Unlimited Guru's". The cost of this course is just $797 US, but as an internet marketing test and until: , 2018, it is just $397 US. I think you will agree that this is a tremendous bargain!

You may be asking, what about a guarantee that your proven formula will work? Well, how about a... Full 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee?

I would never dream of having you risk even one red cent of your hard earned money without first trying my MLM Lead Magnet™ system with no risk and no commitment necessary! I'm so confident that my system will help you add potentially dozens of new people to your downline, that I want you to try it today!

Try my exclusive MLM Lead Magnet™ for 60 days. And if for any reason you're not satisfied within 60 days after using it, then let me know and we will do whatever it takes to ensure you're fully satisfied. This product doesn't include a money back guarantee, so all sales are final, but we promise to go the extra mile to ensure you're more than satisfied with your results from using it ok. We'll be here for you ever step of the way, guaranteed!

You may be wondering why I'm making such a bold claim? That is because my clients are extremely satisfied. As you can clearly see by the hundreds of testimonials I've received from satisfied members — my system flat out works!

It's the perfect system to help you to automatically add many new people to your mlm downline, and allow you to make your own personal fortune in network marketing. Which is why I'm more than confident to offer you 60 full days to try it to grow your downline!

So I promise you and I completely ensure that you'll be fully satisfied by joining today. Fair enough?

Just to "sweeten" the deal, if you order by: , 2018, I will include the following 4 valuable gifts worth $845. You can keep them just for taking a peek at the course.

Free Bonus #1 (a $188 value): You will receive an eBook of my personal and "Cutting Edge" recruiting tactics. This information used to be offered to ONLY a select few people, and at a cost of almost $200, but you get it FREE with the course! The information inside this eBook is reserved for course owners only. My private "Cutting Edge" eBook is the hottest and most profitable information available and as a course owner, you have privileged access to it free of charge.

Free Bonus #2 ($197 value): I will give you my special list of the top 100 ways to build your downline in rapid pace! This is my personal resource list that is worth a fortune. The time you will save and the money you will make from this resource is enormous. And you can even pass these strategies onto your downline, so they'll then know what to do and be able to build their own downlines so much faster!

Free Bonus #3 ($210 value): I will show you how to recruit hundreds of new people per day. This is one of the best kept secrets in the industry. This one tactic is now causing some networkers to very quickly start earning over five figures per month. Anyone who uses this strategy will see their downline grow by hundreds and hundreds of people in record time. If you don't know and use this strategy already, then this is by far going to be the biggest breakthrough you've ever had as a network marketer — REALLY, because once you discover and apply this powerful growth hack strategy, your mlm sign-up's and profits will go threw the roof!

Free Bonus #4 ($250 value): I will throw in "DOWNLINE REDISTRIBUTION RIGHTS", an incredible value, yours included when you order today. This will allow you to share the course with your existing or future downline. That way you'll have a solid way to train your downline in this powerful technique. Just send them a copy of this course which will help them recruit, sponsor, and build their own downlines that much faster!

That is a total value of $845 in Free Gifts, yours to keep just for trying my Lead Magnet training course.

Think about it;

The price of this course is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you are going to lose in your lifetime, without this network marketing know-how. Gaining the ability to get unlimited fresh warm leads online could be worth millions to your business! You'll never ever have to buy a single lead ever again once you get our powerful "Lead Magnet" Training Program!

Look at it this way...

You really cannot afford not to invest in this course, — plus you get to keep all those valuable bonus items ($845 Total Value). So you really have nothing to lose by ordering right now.

Now as stated we already reduced the course to just $397 until , 2018, However, we understand that some of you are on a tight budget. In order so that more people can get their hands on this highly specialized mlm training, what we've done is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY we're offering a one time discount if you order immediately. For a limited time only, anyone who orders before the deadline below will get their copy for just one easy payment of just $97. Order immediately and save an additional 75% OFF. Secure your copy by ordering below for just $97.

Special Limited Time Discount: Time available remaining to take advantage of our unbelievable 75% off special discount pricing (pay $397, now just $97):


Here's how to order:

1.) The fastest way to order is directly online. Click the Buy Now button to order online:


You will download the course right after you order, and can get started immediately after you receive it. You can be doubling or even tripling your downline sign-up's by NEXT WEEK!!

We are talking about a real-life, nuts and bolts, down-to-earth, step-by-step system for rapidly building your MLM business no matter which company you happen to be involving in doing.

Just one of the hundreds of great techniques, tips, methods, and secrets that you'll learn to find and recruit MLM Guru's could easily pay for your whole investment, many times over.

And remember, you also get all those 4 free gifts ($845 Total Value). This investment in your business is a super bargain.

Don't put off ordering right now and locking in at our special discounted rate if you're at all interested. This information could be invaluable to your business and could be worth many tens of thousands of dollars to your MLM business. Order online today.

P.S. Still not convinced you need this "cutting edge" mlm home-study course? Let me give you one more reason why I think this course is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for anyone seriously looking to build a network marketing business in a hurry, and why it is such a dynamite program.

If you are not using MLM Lead Magnet™ - Secrets to Recruiting Unlimited Guru's, you're losing money! You can't lose with this deal, plu you get the 4 free gifts to boot! You simply can't go wrong.

P.S. At this point after reading a typical offer, you probably think to yourself “Do I really want to gamble $397  $97?” Friend, first off this training is not an expense, it's an investment to grow your business; a way to make you money and grow your business fast. It will provide you with real ROI. Time is of the essence, lock in at the 75% discount rate while you still can: Order now

P.S. Unfortunately, there's the harsh alternative that you must consider. If you don't get this course and learn these powerful downline building strategies — then let me ask you this one all important question:... "How exactly are you going to find and attract the top MLM Guru's without this specialized training?"

...because you must realize that having the ability to find and recruit endless numbers of MLM Guru's is certainly the exact magic formula you need to building a massive MLM downline. You must take this ultra seriously, because if you learn this exact formula and apply it, your business could go through the roof! You literally could be fast on your way to making thousands upon thousands per month in commission checks, as your downline continues to grow at a massive rate, all on it's own.

You must have a solid step by step system in place that both you, and your downline can learn from, if you wish to succeed in your mlm business, — which is what we can deliver when you order this cutting edge system that will find you endless numbers of MLM Guru's to join your team.

That is what my MLM Lead Magnet™ course is designed to do. This is the solution you've been looking for to rapidly grow your business and train your downline in this powerful technique! Order our course here and see what a huge difference this is going to make in the future growth of your mlm business!

P.S. Look, it's like this...

The network marketing industry can be extremely lucrative, you can actually get rich and fast too! Listen, tons of people have become millionaires through network marketing, — but that's only if you know how to find and recruit top level MLM Guru's. We've all seen examples of top network marketers earning over six figures per month (over a million dollars per year), growing month by month! Imagine what a difference that would make in the lives of you and your family if you could reach this kind of success? Trust me, I can tell you from experience that it sure makes life easy, fun, exciting and carefree.

And when all you need to reach this level of incredible wealth and success is this exact training course; — then my friend, wouldn't you say this tiny investment to supercharge your path to success is definitely worth it?

And if you order right now you'll save huge - over 75% off!

So don't put this off, having this training could mean the difference between success or failure for you! Plus you get those 4 juicy bonuses as my free gift to you (value $845), just for trying my course. My friend click here to order online now, and lets begin to grow your downline and mlm commission checks faster than you ever dreamed possible! It's a no-brainer Order Right Now.

"Listen...don't put this off, it will be the best business decision that you've made all year! Click Here right now and lets make this your best year ever in network marketing ok!"


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