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Send The MLMRC eBooks to Each of Your Downline: ( Just 1 email, 1 click)

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(You're allowed to share any ebooks you downloaded in the Members Area with your downline)

Gmail instructions here: Other email accounts like "hotmail" or "aol" see further BELOW

STEP 1) Click "Compose". Then enter an email that would look similiar to the following:

STEP 2) Click "BCC". Then enter an email that would look similiar to the following:


STEP 3) Click "to". Then enter : Your own email address (as if you'd be sending it to yourself)


Click send





Step 1: Open your Gmail, hotmail, or email account

Step 2: Open notepad

Step 3: copy all the emails of your downline that you plan to send the course to. One email per line.

Step 4: When you've created your list, next click "compose" in Gmail as if to create a new email message.

Step 5: In the "to" field, type in your own email address.

Step 6: Click where you see it says "BCC", that brings up a new field (in gmail) or in some other email services it just has it as a line that you can enter emails into. Now copy the list of your emails that you're going to send to. And paste those into the BCC field. So when you send off this email, the email program sends you a copy, and each of the emails you put into the BCC field.

Step 7: Now look for where it says "attachment" or look for the paperclip icon. Click that. Chose the course PDF file from your computer. Add that to the email. Or just send them the link to where to download it.

Step 8: When you fill out the subject line, just put something very basic, I suggest something like "hi it's me" or "how are you". Whatever do you do not say "MLM, or Network marketing, or free or course", also when you're writing your email to them just say something basic. (when it's ready click "send" which will send a copy of the file to each of your downline with 1 click).

Like THIS:    "I've attached some very helpful training. Be sure to open that item attached as it will give you a lot of addition instruction on how to go about building your team."

Words to avoid saying are things like: Free, MLM, Network Marketing, Upline, Downline, or anything MLM related.

The reason is that Gmail and other email programs might send the email to the persons junk mail if they see any of those words in the "subject line" or in the "body copy." So that's why I'm saying when you're describing the item to your downline, don't go into a lot of detail, and don't use any words that might trigger the spam filters or your downline won't likely ever see the course.

Step 9: Follow up with each of them within a day or two. If you have a really large downline then you can repeat the process to contact them all at once. Just do the same process of setting up the email using the BCC. Then send them a follow up email saying "hey did you get that attachment I sent the other day to help you grow your business?" or something like that.

(or) if you have all of your downline listed on some other system, ie: social media or whatever that's another simple way to find out if they received the item. So you could also just post to your facebook, something like:

"I sent each of you in my XXXXX company downline a training course that I got from MLMRC.com. The course should be in your email account it's label MLMRC Free Course. You should have received that by now. If you didn't contact me and or check your promotions folder as well."

The End.


(if you're not sure how you got to this page, and you're wondering about what MLMRC is all about?, click here now)


Share Us: Please help us spread the word about this opportunity. Share it now:



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