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Herbalife Advocacy Group 2017

The accompanying gatherings have as one of their motivations upholding for Herbalife customers and representatives or instructing buyers so they can express their voices and opinions in an open format.

Options expressed on the Herbalife corporation are shared on this website, to benefit the general public and to promote free and open discussion on the company and industry.

The Herbalife Advocacy Group, a free, non-benefit volunteer association, speaks to and educates customers and promoters activity for their sake to enhance the personal satisfaction.

A noteworthy venture has been enhancing Herbalife purchaser education with different accomplices including the Quixstar program, and other associations, and people from each company sub branch.

Related Documenation and Services Available:

Rights and Responsibilities - http://www.Herbalife.com

An intriguing subsidiary association is Quixstar. While the site concentrates on administrations accessible to Herbalife shoppers, numerous regions have comparable associations to help buyers.

Direct Selling Association:

DSA International is an overall non-benefit alliance of purchaser associations, committed to the assurance and advancement of buyer interests. http://www.dsa.org


IBOAI is committed to advancing human rights and supportable improvement by outfitting the vote based capability of network marketing companies.


Dun and Bradstreet

Track and audit company financial reporting and company credit ratings


Standards Association

Standards Association is a pioneer in the field of benchmarks improvement and the utilization of these gauges through item affirmation, administration frameworks enrollment, and data items.

Industry Advocates

A significant number of the network marketing destinations for industry associations contain data that is helpful and instructive. Nonetheless, clients must recollect that the associations exist for the advantage of their individuals, not shoppers.

If you have any further questions about how the e Herbalife Advocacy Group, can help you in understanding the Herbalife business model and or the network marketing industry please contact us. Thank you.


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