1. YOUTUBE CHANNEL: If you've been to youtube.com you've seen tons of videos which incorporate a website address that is advertised in the video. This is another great way to advertise to tons of people for free. Also there are a ton of copycat youtube websites. I provide a whole list of them at the bottom of this page. You can find and post your video ads to all of them. Be sure to read the sites rules before uploading your video. You can include a your website address in both your video, as an annotation, and in your video description. This way people will see the web address and likely visit it.

  2. FACEBOOK: Facebook.com has a marketplace which is a classified ad section that can be advertised in. They also have whats called “Facebook Fliers and Fliers Pro” which is a form of pay per click advertising they offer for very low prices compared to other PPC advertising channels. I've used Fliers Pro with great success, extremely affordable PPC and highly targeted.

  3. TWITTER: Create a Twitter account. Start to follow more people each day. See who follows you back. And send regular tweets out to them. You can automate your tweet software and services as well to keep it appearing as your constantly tweeting.

  4. MYSPACE: Myspace has a marketplace which is a classified ad section that can be advertised in for free. http://classifieds.myspace.com

  5. SOCIAL NETWORKS: Social network sites such as: myspace, facebook, friendster, Xanga, MSN groups, Blogger, TypePad are just a few of the hundreds of social networks that are out there. Many of them offer free classified ad sections that you can advertise in as well as other forms of advertising. I mention a whole list of these sites at the bottom of the page.

  6. KIJIJI: http://www.kijiji.com is another free popular classified ad site that targets major cities across north america. They get tons of traffic and are a great place to post ads about your site.

  7. INSTAGRAM.COM: Instagram is a FREE fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends and family. Take a picture or video, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to Instagram it's that easy. You can even share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. It's a new way to see the world, a great platform to share info on your business by pictures and video.

  8. CRAIGSLIST.ORG ONLINE CLASSIFIEDS: This site is worth mentioning simply because of the advertising value it represents. It was ranked 66th most popular site in the world according to Alexa.com (2008). It allows anyone to post free classified ads to it. So it's a great source of additional free traffic. And with that many visitors going there, it's bound to generate some free traffic.

  9. VIDEO SHARING SITES: There are a ton of Youtube copycats out there. Many of which have visitorships in the millions per month. You can use the same advertising strategy as mentioned in idea #1 above on these and other popular video sharing sites. There is a whole list of them at the bottom of this page.

  10. POSTERS: These work better for specific events that you might have coming up, such as online pay per views, interviews, or events. Again putting up posters in high traffic locations where your target audience frequents will get people noticing your poster. The only disadvantage to posters is that they get taken down often from street locations by the municipalities. However, I’ve heard of companies launching their business on a massive scale simply by doing a poster drive and putting up one page posters all around the city. If you’re selling any kind of membership or products that will generate repeat visitors this could be an excellent way to generate that initial customer base. Again offer something free or exciting to give them a reason to visit your site.

  11. FLIERS: You can have fliers delivered to businesses and homes at a relatively affordable cost. You can target specific neighborhoods or business districts that are likely to be populated by the audience you wish to attract. Also, a great way to launch your site. Again give them a reason to want to visit your site on the flier and they most likely will.

  12. BROCHURE: A brochure is an informative paper document (often also used for advertising), that can be folded into a template, pamphlet or leaflet. Brochures are promotional documents, primarily used to introduce a company, organization, products or services and inform prospective customers or members of the public of the benefits. Brochures are distributed inside newspapers, handed out personally or placed in brochure racks in high traffic locations. They may be considered as grey literature. They are usually present near tourist attractions.

  13. YOURSELF AS AN EXPERT: If you are an expert in a specific field, which is why you’re doing a website on your expertise, then here’s how to get established online. Find other websites in the industry that accept articles from experts or would allow you to set up an “expert advice column”. Each week or month you’d provide a new piece of advice or insight based on your expertise in the industry. In the signature file for the article you’d simply mention your website. There are also entire websites in which you can join as an expert to give advice to people. (i.e.: Google search word: ask an expert) People with questions can begin asking you for your expert opinions. You can either suggest they visit your website for more details or you can simply add your website to the signature file each time you give a piece of advice to someone. Overtime as your reputation as an authority figure grows, you might find all sorts of opportunities beginning to present themselves. Just be sure that you do infact know what you’re talking about in your industry. There’s nothing worse that someone who claims to be an expert but actually has nothing to substantiate that with. So you don’t want this strategy end up backfiring on you by giving weak or wrong advice.

  14. ANSWER YOUR EMAILS: What happens so often on the internet is that people will visit a website, often after business hours. They’ll be interested in ordering but they have just one or two questions that they want answered before they make their purchase. Basically all you have to do is answer the email and they’ll buy. Or if they sound like they’re on the fence about ordering this is your golden opportunity to give them that last bit of motivation to make the purchase. So not only answer all your emails, but the speed at which you reply to customers is of equal importance. You should get back to people at very least within 24 hours of receiving the emails. However, many of the cutting edge companies out there answer ever 12 hours. Also be sure to personalize your emails. And give direct links to areas of your site that you want the customer to visit. If you get too overwhelmed by emails there are ways to speed up and automate the process. Such as using a canned response tool which allows you to assign preformatted responses to Control keys on your keyboard; or outsourcing the email service to a customer service company which will handle it all for you. See the chapter on Developing a Customer Service Strategy for more info.

  15. CONTESTS: Free giveaways are a great way to gain customer leads. You choose an item that your customer demographic might be interested in winner. For example if you really want to get some leads offer a draw to win a Dell Computer. There are some entry level desktops that come complete that they make at ultra low prices. So it might only end up costing you around $300 to have Dell drop ship the prize to the winner. Something like a complete computer system would represent some real value to people who see the draw. People would simply add their name and email address to a form on your website to enter the free draw. You would store their information for the prize giveaway but you’d also add it to a personalize autoresponder newsletter in which you’d follow up on them in regard to your site, product, service and or industry. Then you could giveaway the computer for example just before Christmas time so that the winner would get an extra nice Christmas gift. And there’s even another way to compound the effectiveness of your next draw. The problem is there are so many draws online it’s hard to know which are legitimate. So once you’ve chosen a winner for your draw you contact them reminding them that they entered their name “x” months ago for a free draw and they won. Tell them that all you ask as part of the contest rules is that they be willing to allow you to use their name and photo as a testimonial on your site. Now for your next draw it will bring in even more leads because visitors will see the testimonials saying “Congratulations Betty Smith for winning our last free draw. Hope your enjoying your new Dell computer!” There are tons of ways to offer these kinds of draws. See what other sites are offering for free draws. Other giveaways that work great at: free trips, samples of your product, PDA’s, Visa Gift Certificates, and more. Just don’t go too cheap or people won’t sign up, and don’t go too expensive either, because you don’t have to, and also you want your giveaway to look “believable”.

  16. POPULAR FORUMS: Not sure why this is tucked away on page 2 but I'm glad you found this one. Using the list of forums here go place ads that relate to what you're doing, to your comp plan your products your industry and anything you can possibly thing of that prospective customers and opportunity seekers would be searching up. Target specific keywords and keyword phrases. So for example if you want your post to show up at the top of the search results using a phrase like: "how does a binary plan work". Have that phrase in both the title of your forum post and in the post itself. When you post that a lot of search engines will index that forum post. When people go doing google searches and searches in other engines your post will come up at the top because it was posted in a popular forum. So the point is if the popularity and reputation of the forum is really high then you stand a better chance of having your post show up at the top of Google and many other search engines within a few hours after you do that post. You should also ping that post by copying the URL and looking up an popular pinging program such as pingmyurl.com or some other. That way your forum post will show up faster in google and or other search engines. People will read your post and possibly click over to your site via your signature file or info you share in the post that gives them some incentive to visit your website.
  17. NEWSLETTER: This is one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy. Your newsletter will be used to capture visitors contact information and follow up on them with them. Your newsletter can be used in a variety of ways to provide information regarding your website, product, service or industry. More than half the people who visit your site won’t buy right away. They don’t know you, they don’t understand your product service or offer, they are not comfortable with you yet and naturally skeptical. However, as a minimum commitment, you might be able to get them to at least join your free newsletter. Once they start receiving it, they will start to get more familiar with you. The more people are exposed to you, your website, and your products, the more comfortable they will get, and the more likely they are to buy. The problem these days though is that there simply is too many newsletters and junk mail floating around. So what you want to do is whatever type of information you wish to provide in your newsletter, you must do it to make it look completely personalized which can be done by simply using most autoresponder programs and services. You want your readers to feel as though you’ve actually taken the time to write an email direct to them only. You want to use the subscribers name in the newsletter more than once, and make them feel almost as though you know them personally, almost like as though you’re their new friend online. The unfortunate reality is that people will sign up for a newsletter, but usually not bother to read them and dismiss them as just more junk mail, or a newsletter they joined that they have no time to read. That’s why you must make it a point to make your newsletters, not a newsletters in the traditional sense of the word, but rather much more like a series of personal letters that you’ve wrote direct to the reader. That way the emails will stand over a 50% higher chance of getting read. Have a way to opt-out of your newsletter at the bottom. See the chapter which talks about how to set up your newsletter in this course. As I said before, newsletters are very persuasive and very powerful tool. Create one and use it to follow up on prospects. You'll be glad you did.
  18. FIND A WAY TO SAY “YES”: I find it unbelievable how many businesses these days will tell there customers a flat out “NO” before saying yes. It’s crazy. If you think there’s a remote possibility try to say yes. Even if it’s just a maybe instead change it to a yes anyway by saying “Yes, I believe we can do that, let me just check on that and get back to you in 1 hour”. Or something like that. Just by saying yes more often than you say no, you’ll immediately put yourself above 95% of the businesses online that generally just say “NO” to anyone who contacts them. Try to always solve the problem, find the solution, help the customer reach their objective, be willing to go the extra mile, that means saying yes to your customers and anyone who you come into contact with in your business. That means you’ll make more contacts, get more referrals, make more sales, grow your positive reputation and the list goes on and on to the benefits of just saying yes to people when you’re doing business.
  19. PRESS KIT: If you are looking at using press releases as one of your main strategies to try and gain media attention then you should also consider developing a press kit. Press kits contains brochures, newsletters and other information used in public relations efforts, as well as contact information, press releases, and biographical sketches of key personnel. Helps an organization to remain prepared and present a consistent image when conducting multiple media events.
  20. SOCIAL BOOKMARKING: Popular new trend online is known as social bookmarketing. Say you like to surf a little at work, but you're scared to bookmark your favorite sites? Well you can do it on your account at a site like: http://del.icio.us Also you can see what other people are bookmarking. So the idea is you bookmark sites that you want others to visit. Other people using the site can see the bookmarks you make available to the general public and if it's something of interest they're bound to visit your site. http://del.icio.us is one of the more popular social bookmarking sites online.
  21. SLIDESHARE.NET: SlideShare features a vibrant professional and educational community that regularly comments, favorites and downloads content. SlideShare content spreads virally through blogs and social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Individuals & organizations upload documents to SlideShare to share ideas, conduct research, connect with others, and generate leads for their businesses. Anyone can view presentations & documents on topics that interest them, download them and reuse or remix for their own work.
  22. SMARTPHONE APP: Create a smartphone app for iphone, android, and blackberry. Which are tiny programs that anyone can add to their phones. You create an app and place it in their app directory such as itunes. You can either give it away or you can sell it for small fee. Be sure to include some blurb about your website or headline about your business opportunity on your app in the form of an ad. A simple way to get an app built is by using freelancer.com. Just create an account, list what you want your app to do or what app you want it to function similiarly to and you can hire a programmer to build it for under 100 dollars.
  23. CAR: If you have a company car you could turn it into a mobile bill board by simply adding your company name and website address to it. You see this already all the time on taxi cabs and buses, and it will bring in some additional traffic by way of people seeing your vehicle and copying down your website address.
  24. STATIONARY: If your company deals in person with clients on a regular basis then why not get your company name and website address printed on your stationary. This works great for pens, mugs, and just about anything. Just be sure to give these away to any prospect or client you deal with. That way every client will have your company mugs, and other stationary getting noticed by their friends, family, clients, and colleges. These work great as additional free bonuses to give to customers. That way each customer is advertising your product or service to others, and if anyone asks them about you, they’ll have a story to tell them as well about your amazing website, products and services.
  25. JACKETS: This could be used by you, or if you have employees, you could make company jackets for the whole team. It’s another way of getting one or more walking billboards.
  26. BUMPER STICKERS: Cute, short and to-the-point. What exactly do they say? If I had a bumper sticker made it would say simply: www.comportone.com  For Internet users it would be easily understood, yet for non-Internet users it would make no impact. But if you are trying to reach Internet users - it works. There isn't any room to put an explanation so if the name of your business doesn't convey the intended message, bumper stickers won't work for you.
  27. STICKERS: Strategically placed stickers around your city or town can also drive traffic to your site. You’d want to be able to stick them in places that are both ethical and legal. You also want to stick them in any type of place where you’re target market gathers, for example: perhaps certain areas around campus, or other targeted areas where you know you’re target market is gathering. The most effective stickers are ones that could either be disguised as ones that are “meant to be there”. Or, that offer some kind of value. For example a sticker offering instructions, notices, or other information as though it was meant to be there might not be taken down as fast as something that’s blatant advertising. Or you could have a sticker that is designed to ad value to a situation such as a home or car security sticker. Each of which would also display your website address and even a message as to why your site is worth visiting.
  28. MAGAZINES: The circulation can be huge or considerably small depending on which magazine you choose. But circulation is not as important as hitting your target audience. Don't advertise in a computer magazine if what you are trying to do is sell cosmetics. The prices for advertising in a magazine are as varied as the number of kinds of magazines there are. If you are trying to promote your local business (and it is not a mail order business, but a service-type business) you do not want to advertise nationally. There may be a magazine printed that just covers your local area. Or try an area trade magazine or newsletter. For instance: Rockford Apartment Association newsletter is an ideal place for service-type businesses trying to secure contracts with local landlords. Again, a feature article (as in a newspaper) would bring added attention to your business.
  29. T-SHIRTS: Another offline strategy for getting your name and website address out there. These work great as additional free bonuses to give to customers. That way each customer is advertising your product or service to others, and if anyone asks them about you, they’ll have a story to tell them about your website, products and services. Depending on how well made the T-shirts are and how good they look and how well they’re kept they could have a shelf life of up to a few years.
  30. PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: Any fliers, brochures, reports, samples, manuals, books, articles or any other promotional materials should have your new company website address on them. This will allow anyone viewing these items to log onto your website to learn even more or even immediately place an order.
  31. PROMOTIONAL ITEMS: Any kind of trinkets that you give away to people such as: ball caps, t-shirts, staplers, keychains, fridge magnets, calculators, pens, coffee mugs, and that list goes on and on. You can get these items with your logo on them done up for cheap. Especially pens and pencels. Then you give those out to people. They're better than a business card as the person might actually use a pen you give them. It's one way to begin to build mind-share. There's tons of companies that will sell you a package of these items with your logo's printed on them for cheap.
  32. FAIRS / FLEA MARKETS / SPECIAL EVENTS: Fairs and flea markets can get tons of foot traffic. You could create your own booth if you want, however, you main objective is simply to get people to visit your website. So what you could do is simply find someone who has an existing booth and work a strategic partnership with them. Try to get a mini stand on their booth to display your fliers. Or even burn a CD offering tons of free software, or information on a specific topic to give away which will include information on your website both on the CD cover and in it’s data. You could charge a small fee just enough to cover the cost of the CD or even give them away if you think that they’ll attract the right prospects.
  33. BUSINESS CARDS: These are important tools. If you deal with prospects and clients face to face then this is a great way to advertise your website. And even if you think you don’t deal with any customers offline you should still have business cards readily available. As often the topic of conversation ends up being: “so what line of work are you in?” Giving you another opportunity to give someone a mini brochure and access to your website address. These cards you can make on your personal PC just by purchasing card paper, or for higher quality you might want to spend a few bucks.
  34. TELE-MARKETING: A well crafted sales script can work when used to cold call prospects using a list of leads that you know are home based business opportunity seekers and or MLMer's who have a history doing these types of businesses. Also you can hire people and or agencies to do this activity for you.
  35. YOUTUBE COMMENTS : Youtube allows you to place comments on many of the videos playing. You can post a comment but then include or direct the user to do something that will have them find your opportunity. Like if you're website name is: Amwaybymark.com and it comes up at the top of a google search when you do a search for: Amwaybymark - Then you could say in the youtube comment something like "also google: Amwaybymark. Again it tells people of a way to find your website. Direct websites can often get deleted, so you have to sort of experiement with it but people are doing it.
  36. LINKS EXCHANGE: Or “reciprocal links” as some call it, is when you agree to post an ad on your site, such as a text link, banner or button, and in exchange the site whose link you’re adding will do the same for you. Just be sure that the sites you exchange links with have the same type of targeted traffic, have a high Alexa ranking, and have a strong Google Page Rank. Also be sure that if they’re putting you on their “Links Page”, which is common, that they have a link to that links page showing on their main page, or index page. Because if no one visiting there main page can find there links page then you won’t get any traffic. And better yet if you can convince them to put you on their index page you might get as much as 10 times the visitors from a single link. Please start by exchanging links with our website now by clicking here.
  37. REDDIT.COM: This site has grown to have a giant following. This is a user-generated news links site. Votes promote stories to the front page. There's a variety of ways that you can start promoting your website on here. Start by creating a profile and seeing what others are doing on the site. Build Karma and check out youtube and google for the latest ways to build traffic using reddit.
  38. VK.COM: This is a European social network that's been gaining a huge following. Start building a following on there if you're able to sell to a european audiance.
  39. FACEBOOK GROUP: Look up on youtube how to create a "facebook group" it's a option that you have on your facebook account. It allows you to create a group that's focused on a specific subject. So in your case you'd use it as a way to advertise your mlm opp.
  40. SOCIAL NETWORKS: Literally join all the top social networks you can find. Use each one as a plateform to advertise you mlm opportunity and build a following around it.
  41. BLOGGING PLATFORMS: Same as above only that you're joining as many blogging plateformas as you can. ie: blogger, tumblr, etc etc. Create a blog on each one. Each one becomes a channel that will lead visitors to you and to your mlm opp.
  42. IMAGE SHARING SITES: SImage sharing is huge. ie: instagram, flickr, etc etc. Join as many as you can and use them as a way to advertise you mlm opp. Create links and or watermarks on your images leading to your blog or your website.
  43. PIN BOARDS: Same as above only using Pin Boards, ie: Pinterest.com and many others. Do the same as above. Linking your pins to your blog or your site.
  44. SOCIAL BOOKMARKING: Another similar thing to social networks only that they simply focus on creating bookmarks to your site that others can go check out.
  45. MLM perks: This is where you offer some incentive to have the user join your downline that likely your competitors might not offer. So maybe you offer to give them 25 fresh new leads of prospects they can call up. Maybe you offer them some marketing software. You offer them a video squeeze page they can use to promote there business online. You offer them some additional perk that others simply are not offering to their prospective downline. This way someone who's planning to join your MLM company might be more likely to join your downline compared to someone else's.
  46. BING.COM: This is the old MSN.com search engine. It's in the top 10 search engines online. Possibly top 5 still. Certainly something to look into in terms of free inclusions, pay per click ads, and other ways to get your site indexed in their engine.
  47. YAHOO.COM: Yes it's still in business ha ha. It's still a big search engine. Try see what ways you an use it and or submit your site into it. They have a PPC service as well. But I don't know how good it works.
  48. DEVELOPING A MASSIVE KEYWORD LIST: As I outlined in the pervious chapter on Pay Per Click Search Engines, having a massive list of keywords that focus on your direct industry, plus all the industries that are either related or considered “sub-industries”, is a vital part of your PPC strategy. This list will also come in very handy when building additional content pages for your website, as you know what keyword each page needs to be focused around. The larger your keyword list, the more content pages and traffic you’ll be able to develop from it. So try to come up with a list of at least 5,000 keywords. That might sound like a lot but there are programs that can help you to generate those keywords in just minutes.
  49. DEVELOP A WEBSITE: Although your mlm company may have given you a free web page. You should also take it upon yourself to build yourself an actual website. You can do this for free these days on various website buildign plateforms such as wordpress or 000webhost.com and some others. Add lots of useful content to it. Then link that to your mlm sign up web address.
  50. DEVELOP A BLOG: Same as above only that instead of a website you'd use one of the many blogging plateforms. This will become just one of many pathways that will lead people to you and to your mlm opportunity. For example there's a blog that you can start using that built right into your gmail account. Select the google apps icon, scroll down and click on Blogger.
  51. NETWORK YOUR WEBSITES: This idea allows you to get higher search engine placement though the use of improving your Links Popularity and your Google Page Rank. Each of your sites will simple exchange links with every other site you own. Have your main sites link displayed on all your other websites’ index pages. And then have your other pages listed on your main site links page. Any new site or domain name you register relating to your industry would also simply join this network.
  52. AD JOURNAL: As you begin to use more and more ads you need to find a journal that you can record all your ads in. You’ll want something that will record things like:
  53. What ad campaigns you currently have running ?
    What results your currently getting with each campaign (i.e.: PPC, banner, email)?
    What ads you’ve ran, such as: banners buttons, classifieds, PPC listings, links exchange ads etc?
    What results you’ve achieved in the past?
    How much you’ve spent for advertising in the past?
    How much your spending now?
    What split tests you’ve done and what were the outcomes?
    How long you had campaigns running for?
    What changes you’ve made to your ads and why?
    What changes you’ve made to the advertising mediums your using and why?
  54. SAMPLES: Another way of generating leads is to offer free samples of your product or service. If you sell a product, you could send them a small sample along with a brochure or catalog for them to experience first hand. If your product is a download then you could offer it as shareware, where they get to use it for a limited time before they have to make the purchase. If it’s a members area, give them access for a limited time, or limited access to your members area. That way they can get the feel of what’s in your members area and how it works before they purchase.
  55. PRESS RELEASE: Write a press release with news worthy information relating to your site, product, service, or industry. Submit the press release to a newswire where it will have a chance of being picked up by various news agencies around the world. Possibly turning your website into an overnight success which has happened in the past to numerous other sites. See the prior chapter on getting the word out to the press.
  56. PODCAST: Create a podcast that you can begin to do regular podcasts. This is important because there are so many apps now a days that carry these podcasts. If you're podcast begins to grow you can quickly begin to reach a large audiance. Alternatively seek out existing network marketing podcasts to begin advertising on.
  57. OUTSOURCING / HIRING: If you need to hire anyone, whether in-house or sub-contractual, be sure that you’re hiring experienced people that will become great “assets” to your company. Hiring the wrong people is the cause of so many business failures. The wrong people will drain all your resources, as you’ll be paying you’re hard earned money to actually employ a “real life problem” rather than hiring someone who can be a great contributor. Often training is involved in most positions, however, if the person you’re hiring can’t honestly show you how to perform a job even better than you know how to do it, then chances are you’re hiring the wrong person. Real experts should know how to accomplish their specialization - faster, cheaper, or better than you. They also should have a significant history in doing the type of work you want. They should also be educated in doing that work. If they aren’t, never ever settle to train someone. Ask to see their portfolio of work, and ask them what books they’ve read on the subject recently. If they can’t provide either then keep looking. Find someone who already has experience, and who can actually train you in that specialization. And as a rule of thumb never ever under any circumstances hire a friend or family member to do the work. Because if things go really bad, you could lose a best friend. Hiring the right people can significantly contribute to the growth of your company so be sure to hire the best you can afford to maximize your productivity.
  58. MEETINGS: Go to meetup.com and create a meetup in your town or city. Then have it focusing on your mlm opportunity. Offer some perks that people can get when they come such as: free coffee, dounuts, samples, and some free give aways. That way it entices people to come out. You have no idea how many people will come to a location simply for the free coffee and dounuts. Continue to grow your group. Overtime as people start to join your mlm they too will invite others to the weekly group meeting. Many networkers have used this method to recruit hundreds even thousands of new members into their network.
  59. COFFEE DATES: Place ads in various places, and or respond to ads from people seeking opportunities. Example seek out: people who've posted ads on craigslist, kijiji, or local classified ads sites who are seeking work. Get people seeking opportunities to agree to meet you for coffee. Buy them a coffee. The coffee is basically a hook. It basically forces the person to sit down and talk with you as they'll have to drink their coffee right. Plus then they feel obligated to hear you out. So if your pitch is good you can maybe get them to come to a meeting and or sign up. If they don't join that's okay too. Just get their business card or email and add their name and email to some kind of a email list you regularly contact. This could be using something like Mailchimp or Aweber, or it could be as simple as just plopping their email into the BCC section of a Gmail email. And sending that off to a mass list. (see using BCC on gmail, if you're not familiar with it. very low tech and works fine on small lists of prospects)
  60. WARM MARKET: Could be a place to start. It's challenging though as you don't want to alienate your friends and family. So you have to weigh the pro's and con's of it. And if they say no, just leave them alone.
  61. ADVERTISING BUDGET: This will allow you to grow at a much more rapid pace. Paid visitors are often a high quality form of traffic. For example, they are received from targeted keywords with the major PPC search engines. Before you can begin experimenting with paid advertising, you need to know how much you can afford to spend on each new visitor to your site. And that means you need to understand the value of your visitor. This is easily done by learning how to calculate the value of a visitor to your site. Once you know how to do that, you'll be able to figure out how much you can afford to spend on advertising without draining your wallet. For example: if your net profit per sale is $40.80 and your conversion rate is 1 sale out of every 125 visitors, then your equation will look like this: $40.80 net profit per sale divided by a 125 conversion rate, which equals $0.32 visitor value. Now that you have an average per click value you can use that amount to determine what the ROI is with various forms of advertising. So if you’re spending $0.10 per click, on average you should realize a net profit of $0.22 cents after advertising (.32-.10=.22). There are endless resources on the net that will show you how to create your advertising budget.
  62. GUEST BLOGGING: Could be a good way if you can find a blogger that has a big following that has people seeking or interested in home based business or entrepreneurship. Ask them if you can be a guest blogger. It's a win win way to advertise your mlm opp using someone else's network of followers.
  63. NEWSPAPERS: Once you get your site established and making money you might want to test newspaper classifieds or display ads. Do a pilot project for this where you’ll take out a tiny classified ad under the category that best targets the visitors you want. Include your website address as well as a phone number linking to a voice mail recording. The voice mail will give a 2 minute recorded message about what you have to offer. Create some urgency in the message for the listener to visit your website by offering some free prize, free giveaway, or limited time offer. To track your visitors you should register a different website address which you’ll use as a doorway page leading to your main site. You’ll attach a traffic tracker to that doorway page so that you can determine how many visitors are coming in as a result of running your classified ad. By this time you’ll know already how much each visitor is worth to your site, so you’ll be able to determine if the ad generated enough traffic to justify continuing with it or not. In other words if the ad doesn’t generate enough traffic to make back a net profit of at least double what you paid for the ad, then you either need to change the ad or discontinue that ad. There are tons of books written on how to create and place effective classified ads. Read them to get familiar with how to write an effective classified ad. This strategy can be highly effective because if it works in a few newspapers, you can then start to roll out your classified ad campaign into hundreds even thousands, of newspapers across the country.
  64. TELEVISION COMMERCIALS: This is another way to advertise offline. By now you’ve seen many other sites advertising on television and so can you. Once you’re site is established and you want to start to expand on a larger scale you can create a commercial for your site and begin to broadcast it. The air time is actually not even as expensive as most people think. You can even test the TV commercial by first running it on your website. Have visitors vote on it or provide feedback on it. That way you can make a more informed decision of whether you have the right commercial ready to go live, or if you need to go back to the story boards. Again link this to a doorway page or mock site that will lead the visitor to your main site so that you can track the amount of traffic it generates and determine what return on investment the commercials produce.
  65. BILLBOARDS: Traditionally billboards you see on the side of highways are used to direct traffic. Such as “McDonalds 2 Miles Ahead”. But it is possible to use these as another way of advertising your site. What you do is find a billboard for rent on a busy street or highway. Sometimes you can get these billboards for quite reasonable prices. On the largest highway in my province the cost was only $1000 per month. This is particularly effective if your product or service is geared toward the masses, and not on a niche market. In a single day on a busy stretch of highway you could get tens of thousands of cars driving by. An example of what might work well would be in big letters “Download Free Ring Tones, Music, and More - www.freeringtones.com “ You have to give them a reason to want to visit your site for this strategy to be effective enough for someone to take the time to write down your site and visit it.
  66. TRACTOR TRAILERS: Traditionally you would purchase bill board advertising on regular large boards you see on the road sides. However, I’ve seen this form of advertising done in a very creative and most likely far less expensive fashion. For example what you can do is rent or buy an old tractor trailer. You just need the trailer, not the semi truck. You go to local farms that are strategically located beside major highways. You ask the farmer to allow you to park your tractor trailer in the corner of their field and positioned where anyone driving down either direction of the highway can see it. You paint each side of the trailer with your companies advertising on it. You could probably pay the farmer a lot less than having to rent an actual bill board. And because your billboard is painted on trailer with is mobile, it can usually bypass most advertising legalities. You’d have tens of thousands of motorists seeing your mobile bill board every day.
  67. CUBE VANS: You buy or rent an old cube van. You don’t even have to have one that has an engine for that matter. All you want is a good box on the back. Again paint it all up with your company advertising either by doing it yourself or hiring a sign company to help you. Then you find a “major intersection” in your city that has a business, residence, or some space that you might be able to rent or possible even legally park the vehicle. You find the owner of that property and tell them exactly what you want to do. Some property owners who don’t live on the premises would be happy to make a few hundred extra dollars per month to allow you to park your cube van on their property. And because there are tons of intersections to choose from, you can even target specific areas of your city based on the typical demographics that live or frequent that area. For example, if you only want a younger more sophisticated adult audience, perhaps parking it near a college or university is the best place for it. Again for an extremely affordable price you’d have a mobile bill board parked on a major intersection of your city. And if you run into any legalities you can always move it to a new location. Again, you’d have tens of thousands of motorists seeing your mobile bill board every day.
  68. FIVERR.COM: This website has tons and tons of advertising offers all for just 5 bucks each. So for example you can find peope to post videos to Youtube. You can find people to create backlinks, submit your site to directories, improve your SEO, and a million other ultra cheap advertising offers. So for example maybe you find 5 of the best advertising offer and you invest 25 dollars to buy those. Well that's a steal of a deal advertising buy. For just 100 you'd get 20 advertising offers that will generate some more traffic to your site. It's money well spent.
  69. CONSTRUCTION SITES: This is one of my favorite. I seen this while visiting Hong Kong, but I think it could work just about anywhere. What you do is you simply find out what major construction projects, especially high rise buildings are under development. You find out which ones are already under construction, or you find out which are about to be developed. Then what you do is you contact the developer to find out if they would be willing to sell you ad space on their building, or construction crane. You want something that’s high up off street level where lots of people will see it each day. So what I saw in Hong Kong was a high rise that was under construction. In enormous letters on a banner at the top of the half completed building, that could be seen form miles and miles from down town Hong Kong, were the words: www.hkjobs.com . It’s just extra revenue for the developer. Often these are revenue that they don’t even consider, which could be negotiated to a minimum amount. This type of strategy works great if you can secure space in a down town location of a major city. Usually these mammoth projects can take over a year to complete which gives you advertising for quite a lengthy time period. You’d have hundreds of thousands of people seeing your banner every day if you can get it high enough off the ground.
  70. HIGH RISES: If your company either grows extra large or can afford to do so, why not consider securing signage on the side of major high rise in the down town core of a major city. This is something you would have to negotiate with the building owners. Often these more permanent signs are reserved for major stakeholders who operate out of the high rise. However, there are opportunities to still rent office space in smaller high rises, in which case you could secure signage on the side of the high rise for many people who live and work in the down town core to see. Of course the sign itself would simply be your website address. And you could also consider operating your business out of the office itself.
  71. RADIO SPOTS: This is another effective strategy that can be used to leverage your site. Once you’re established you can approach a radio station to help you test a radio ad campaign. Again give the listeners a reason to write down your website address and visit your website, such as in the case of the free giveaway, sample, draw, information or whatever you can think of that will draw people in.
  72. TOP 100 CLASSIFIED AD SITES: This is a list of the top 100 classified ad sites online that you can post your ads to. Some of them include sites like: Craigslist.com, Kijiji.com, classifiedads.com. Google top 100 classified ad sites... to find an upto date list of them to begin posting your ads on.
  73. SIGNS: If you carefully think up a strategy for signs they can be a highly effective way to draw in tons of visitors at a very low cost. For example find the bus stations that are used everyday around the major universities, I’ll use the ring tone give away as an example. You advertise that on signs you can rent at the bus stops. Mention that they can even log in with their cell phones or PDA’s to download ring tones direct to their cell phones. Have them enter their name and email address to capture their information which ads them to an autoresponder which will remind them to visit you again. Then at your website you’d have some kind of offer or affiliate program that you’d promote as the revenue generator on your site. You’d get lots of traffic this way and tons of word of mouth advertising. As you can see by this example signage works if you target the right audience with the right offer.
  74. BANDIT SIGNS: For those more brave, place signs where ever you can find a unique spot. Just be careful as bi-laws often prohibit this in some areas. But if you're creative it can work. There's tons and tons of information online on creating and implimenting a bandit sign campaign effectively.
  75. PROFESSIONALISM: For you to begin to attract winners you need to look and act like a winner. That means looking your best when you do meetings or anything face to face. Which includes smiling lots, and speaking in an upbeat mannor. Learning how to "work a room" so you make people feel like you'd be a good upline; as you fit the role of a professional network marketer.
  76. PPC ADVERTISING: Per Click (PPC) Advertising is a type of online advertising in which advertisers (i.e. you) pay for visitors on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis. That is, advertisers only pay when a Web searcher actually clicks on a link and visits their Web site. PPC advertising is different than "traditional" online advertising, where advertisers pay according to how many times their ad is displayed. With Pay Per Click Adverting, an ad can be displayed many times, but the advertiser pays nothing unless a Web searcher actually clicks on the ad. When done correctly, PPC Advertising can produce highly targeted traffic -- the most sought-after and valuable entity on the Web. The biggest are: Google ad words, and also Bing/Yahoo has a combine one. Both are very expensive typically though. So buyer beware.
  77. BLOG POSTS: Many blogs allow you to post comments at the bottom of various pages. So what you do is look up blogs that relate to the product or service that you're promoting. You the post a comment on the blog, but you include your website link as part of your comment.
  78. BUYING EXPIRED DOMAINS: There can sometimes be an opportunity to buy an abandoned website or blog. For example many people who start blogs have no idea what "affiliate marketing" is. They built a website. Worked on it for say a year or two. Then got busy with something else in their life and forgot all about that website. So the domain name has or is going to expire. When that happens you can research how much traffic the site has, how many links it has, how long of a history it has and other specific details on the domain. If it seems like it's getting reasonable traffic it might be worth buying. For example if the site is getting 100 visitors per day and it only will cost you $12 dollars to buy that domain it's well worth it. That 100 visitors per day could add up to 1 sale per day of some kind of an affiliate product. The commission you earn off the sale might be say 100 dollars. So do the math 100 x 30 days = 3000 per month. So expired domains is a great way to build traffic quickly.
  79. BUSINESS MEETINGS IN YOUR AREA: Go to meetup.com. You'll find tons of business meetings happening in your town or city. Go to them and hand out your business card and samples. It's a great way to meet new people as well.
  80. PING SITES: It's a little known strategy that once you have your site up, whether that be your Turnkey Website or some other you're promoting such as a blog you built then you can ping it by going to: http://www.pingmyurl.com/ and other pinging sites. This will lets servers around the planet know that you have a site online. This helps the search engines to locate your site faster. Plus it's free.
  81. AMAZON / EBAY SELLER: They get huge traffic. Both allow you to sign up for free seller accounts. Sign up and sell some kind of an inexpensive ebook you create on the topic of starting a home based business. Have that ebook lead the buyer to your website and or mlm opp. Also use Ebay for the same activity, they get massive massive traffic so be sure to get something for sale on there so you can use it as a way to market your mlm opp.
  82. KINDLE: Same as above only on kindle.
  83. RETREATs: If you're doing a meeting this is a great way to get people who attend your weekly meeting out to a longer presentation on the business and or training session on your mlm business. Have a weekend event out at a lake, condo, beach property, or somewhere nice and relaxing and fun. Brand it as a fun, relaxing weekend away that members can attend. You can rent a nice place for dirt cheap on places like Airbnb and other sites. Maybe charge a small fee to attend to help cover all the food, drinks, and cost of renting the place. But make it ultra cheap so that people are drawn to take advantage of the opportunity. Now once there have morning and evening business presentations. Have some of your successful upline or downline do presentations. That way you don't have to do everything. This is a powerful way to draw in new members.
  84. FAX BROADCAST: There are various services online, which for a fee will take your fax and send it to your list of fax numbers. Generally it will cost around $0.06 cents per page within the US to send. This is a great way to contact a targeted list of prospects or clients. Faxes tend to get more time and attention than emails these days so chances are your fax will get read. See our tools page for details on these companies.
  85. UNEMPLOYMENT OFFICES: If you're good with people go to unemployment offices where a lot of people are showing up seeking out employment. It's a way for you to meet people that are actively seeking a way to make money. Of course they're looking for a job but just as easily you could convince them to attend your meeting and or go check our your website.
  86. DAILY/WEEKLY TRAININGS: Hold daily and or weekly training meetings for your best downline people. That way what you're really doing is getting them into the habit of actually "going to work each day". It's less about the training than it even is just getting them into a routine of waking up in the morning and going to work. So in this case they'd have to wake up to attend your online daily training session. Then when they do that you point them toward doing some form of advertising that day.
  87. GOOGLE HANGOUTS: This is a good way to do any sort of web meeting. Also just a good way to build an online community centered around your mlm biz opp.
  88. ARTICLE MARKETING: There's tons and tons of sites in which you can submit short essays or articles that you write. Those will have links in them allowing readers to click through over to your main site or blog in which your advertising you mlm biz. So be sure to place articles on as many article marketing sites as you can. ie: ezinearticles, etc etc.
  89. EXPAND THIS LIST: These are just some ways to build interest, advertise, and attract attention to your network marketing business. The more you advertise your mlm business the more people you'll recruit and the more money you'll earn. So continue expanding this list and working on it as much as you possibly can. Eventually once you get enough advertising out there, all your ads will be working for you 24/7/365, like a tiny army working around the clock to direct people to your mlm opportunity. Gradually your downline will grow on it's own. So expand this list as much as you can.
  90. AUTOMATED DOWNLINE BUILDING: This list is a great start. But lets face it, it's also an awful lot of work. That's where we at MLMRC.com come in to help. We can help you build your downline faster and easier than you doing all the hard work. We can add dozens of real people into your mlm downline almost overnight. This is the fastest and easiest way to build your downline quickly. For details click here.