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The rising and falling of: "The Empower Network"

I saw it all go down, the rise and fall of an empire...

You see, I followed the story of the The Empower Network, which made history in the MLM industry, but knew they might have some challenges...(also this is just an independant review of the empower network. We are not members of this company and we are not here to promote it, only to give a fair review based on what we know about them).

This video explains:

If you're wondering about The Empower Network, before you join be sure to read the article below... but first...

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The Empower Network was most active around 2012 and 2013.

Infact a few people I know joined The Empower Network. But what I found amazing was I'd even overheard people talking about it at coffee shops I'd go to, which means the word was really out there.

Co-founders Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe gave a very blunt message to there audiance "get in or you'll miss out!"

I think people really bought into this brash young man who looked like a surfer presenting this elaborate pitch on video.

In an event they held in San Diego Dave Wood/Sharpe really were like the rock stars of MLM as everyone gathered around to see The Empower Network guru's.

Dave Wood would hop on these Inner Circle calls every Monday really stir the pot and get people excited about promoting the business.

Everyone was wanted to be part of the movement and get in on this exciting new home business opportunity: The Empower Network; it was like a cult.

Soon after the hype began to wear off. The fad was dying and I think since the owners had made their fortunes there was not as much incentive to really be as active with the business like they once were.

Then around mid-2014 or so.There was a new product in the works that was launched called: Blog Beast but it completely flopped. It wasn't well accepted and didn't seem to give the user much.

Regardless they kept trying new things like there was a: supplemental product line as well as some other stuff

So the companies main products which costed: $500, $1,000, and $3,500 people were buying because you would get paid 100% commissions on those as a member of the Empower Network.

Although a lot of people were buying these expensive digital home study courses the core message of the company was getting convoluted.

Dave's moto was always: getting all in - The challenge was there really wasn't probably enough benefit going out.

All of the sudden, like with a lot of network marketing companies there was sort of a flash crash. Some say it was a big change that was made to the companies compensation plan. Which went from it's extremely luctrative "One-Up comp plan" To some new strange compensation plan that a lot of members had a hard time even making sense of other than the fact that they were now making "a lot less money" under the new unilevel plan.

Leaders start leaving. Then Dave Sharpe (the co-founder) leaves the company claiming health reasons. But in reality people speculat he made a small fortune already. So chances are good he just wanted to get out which there was still a chance to. But again, it's hard to say at this point. he might have been wiser to stay with the company in the long run. But with even big companies like Herbalife and Vemma having their share of problems a company like The Empower Network and it's founders, it's speculated, may have been worried.

Dave Wood is reported to have gone through a divorce and then started a new relationship. Then it's reported that Wood and Sharpe actually had massive disagreements and hated each other. Often the case when it comes to companies that go big too fast. Probably a bit of a scramble for each founder to seize what they could out of the companies fortunes.

And now, you pretty much have a company that was founded 5 years ago starting from scratch.


These days Dave Wood still does calls (which I sometimes listen in on) and he's still trying to keep things afloat, for his people. But then he’s also launching or re-launching another product, too.

Knowing a few people that joined the Empower Network in 2013 and who didn't do very well (as to why I have no idea), I began to be curious about this interesting new company to hit the MLM industry. (again we have no involvment at all with this company. This is just an empower network review.)


Empower Network has five main products, of the new Empower Network.


Here are the five main:

  • Kalatu blog $25/mo: web blogging platform and mobile app for iPhone/Android…I’d say it’s comparable to WordPress frameworks like Genesis and Thesis – the Kalatu comes with 8 different themes, and targets people in the network and affiliate marketing industry while also providing options for the small business and real estate spaces. Good product. Revolutionary? Hardly, but a much better improvement from their original blogging platform. You can get started for $9
  • Inner Circle $100/mo: an archived audio library that feature Empower Network leaders delivering weekly mindset/inspirational calls since late ‘2011, lot’s of hype and redundancy (you’ll hear Dave Sharpe’s addiction stories 50+ times if you listened to all of them), but some great gems in there to get your mind right
  • Top Producer Formula $500: learn the best skillsets and how-to’s from Empower Network elite – this seems to be the old 15k formula
  • Team Building Formula $1,000: the ultimate presentation about team duplication, specifically for multi-level marketing teams
  • Mass Influence Formula $3,500: power presentations on sales and persuasion, produced by the big-leagues and elite

Compensation Plan

(November 2015 update: Empower Network rolls out a uni-level compensation plan. It has a ton of ranks – it appears the comp plan primarily achieves manufactured urgency)

Here is the old Empower Network compensation plan, in thirty seconds:

  • Members only earn commissions for products you've purchased (if you aren't qualified, they pass up to the next person who is qualified)
  • Members get 100% payouts on all the products (except Master’s Course, where you get paid a $3,000 commission for $3,500 sale) however, you pass up your 2nd, 4th, 6th sale and every fifth sale after that on each product.
  • Finally, there is a $19.99 monthly affiliate Membersship fee that you pay to sell the products.


In conclusion,

The good: Empower Network offers big ticket items, so if you can sell them, say to a warm list; then these tools and training are top-tier and their sales funnel flat-out works

The bad: Some of their products desperately need upgrades, and a complete company overhaul may be worth exploring.

Review and recommendation: This is a very hard business to either recommend or not. Simply because it hasn't been around long enough to consider as a long term business. However, as a way to earn income in the short term, possibly. But one would have to realize that it might not be a long term situation depending on what happens with the company over the next several years. So it's buyer beware.

That being said, like any new start up or network marketing company, it is very likely they have now weathered a great deal of the challenges that new mlm companies face. The empower network might now actually be more solid than it ever has been. So again it's very hard to predict where things are going with this company. But it is interesting to see how far they've come and the interesting mark they've made in the mlm world, and we do wish them all the best successes in the years to follow.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Empower Network review.

Like I said in the intro, they had a VERY good run. Something that you rarely see to this extreme in the MLM industry. And something that could only happen as a result of the internet.

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